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This homepage offers an on-line ultrasound dosage calculator,  several peer-reviewed published papers, reports and clinical guidelines on

  • Therapeutic ultrasound

  •  Gait speed testing

  •  Measuring articular range of motion

It is a presentation of work performed by K. Grey 1986-2010.



The research was supported by the Research Foundation of Danish Physiotherapists and the Research Foundation of the County of Northern Jutland, Denmark.



as a physiotherapist at a general hospital, Aalborg University Hospital.

The research was performed mainly in free time, and partly by means of research grants.


The Occupational  and Physiotherapy Unit at Aalborg University Hospital.  Affiliated to the Neurological Department and specialised in neurology from 2000-2004.

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Phone (work)

+0045 99 32 10 31

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Recent projects

  • Launching of this homepage, recently developing the online dosage calculator

  •  Publication of research concerning coupling media (gel and oil)

  •  Establishing standard values for gait speed

  •  Setting standards for qualitative evaluation of gait in the diagnosis of normal pressure hydrocephalus (INPH)

  •  Participating in a Clinical test of the implanted ActiGait drop foot stimulator at the Neurological Unit of Aalborg University Hospital in collaboration with Neurodan/Otto Bock.

  •  Participating as physical examiner in a national multicentre clinical trial "ADEX", "Preserving quality of life, physical health and functional ability in Alzheimer's disease: The effect of physical exercise".

Publications (peer-reviewed)

  • Grey K.: Surface Areas in Ultrasound Treatment. Evaluation of Seven Methods for Measuring the Treated Skin Area in Physiotherapeutic Application of Ultrasound. Scand J Rehab Med 1993;25.11‑15.

  • Grey K.: Dosering af ultralyd. Danske Fysioterapeuter 1995;7.4‑9 was translated into English:”Dosage in ultrasound therapy. Calculation of intensity, refraction, reflection and generated heat", and is found under the menu item "Dosage Issues"

  •  Grey, K.: Distribution of Treatment Time in Physiotherapeutic Application of  Ultrasound. Physiotherapy. December 2003, vol 89, no 12. pp 696-707.

Other projects and publications

  • 1988 I conducted a validation of ROM (menu item "Joint motion Measures")

  • 1996 I developed software and methods for Poul Grřn, MD, for his investigation of postoperative displacement of lenses after lense replacement in cataract.

  • 1997-98 I investigated the thermal properties of gél and oil used as coupling media in ultrasound treatment (menu item :Heat by oil and gél).

  • The computer program ULDOSIS was published in Danish in 1993 to provide quality assurance in clinical, educational and scientific use of therapeutic ultrasound. It is currently being developed for online use, and is available under the menu item "SonoDose Calculator"

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Physiotherapist from the School of Physiotherapy in Copenhagen, 1976.

In 1970 I passed a course in philosophy (Examen philosophicum) at the University of Aarhus, and in 1973 left with the qualification exam. art. (equivalent to bachelor) from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

I attended several courses in manual therapy and neurological physiotherapy (Bobath, Affolter, ANT and Neurodynamics, Movement Science)

I attended a course in Gait Analysis, electrostimulation and Robotics at the SMI institute at Aalborg University


Between 1986-2005 I attended several courses on

  • computer programming, clinical and scientific usage of PC (UniComal, Visual Basic, Office and Corel, SPSS and RefManager)

  • research methods (acknowledged as PhD courses)

  • quality assurance

  • library information management, literature searching and critical evaluation of evidence

My scientific work and development was guided and supervised by ultrasound and FES specialist MD's and physiotherapists/PhD's, engineers researching in the field of ultrasound and statisticians.


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